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Thawing & Curing for Stucco and Mortar

Winter construction projects can experience costly delays and downtime due to freezing temperature.  As snow piles up and the ground freezes, many construction projects can be delayed and even canceled until spring.  Curing mortar, masonry and stucco in cold winter locations can be challenging and even impossible if utilizing old methods.  Within the past few years the advent of new technology and products designed specifically for the construction industry has allowed crews to keep working even in sub zero temperatures.  These products can thaw frozen underground pipes, thaw frozen ground, cure concrete, masonry and other construction products.  Many contractors are utilizing these heated products to warm rebar, aggregate, pipe and sand before proceeding.  Preheating and adding heat to the curing process is yielding superior PSI levels in concrete and allowing stucco, mortar and masonry products to cure without risking the effects of freezing temperatures.

Thawing frozen ground prior to pouring concrete is absolutely imperative. RapidThaw electric heated construction blankets are one such product that are engineered specifically for the construction industry.  Contractors can now push their work season well into the winter months with these heated tarps and covers.  Available in 120V (240V optional) these 150°F heated outdoor blankets are weatherproof, water resistant and are thermostatically controlled to deliver a maximum payload of heat to stubborn ground frost.  Distributed through a company called Heat Authority, RapidThaw XXHot Construction Blankets are changing the way contractor approach their winter jobs.  To view sizes and temperature options, visit: www.heatauthority.com or call 866-805-4328.

Thaw Ground Frost