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SynLime™ Support and FAQ


What makes SynLime™ the only complete lime replacement?

SynLime™ uses a Patented Formula which completely eliminates the need for lime.

SynLime™ is not a substitute or imitation for lime.

SynLime™ meets or exceeds all code requirements or standards that lime is required to meet.

SynLime™ goes further in setting higher standards of performance in the following areas:

  1. Safety and health issues
  2. Workability and adhesion
  3. Higher PSI (by 2 to 1 margin)
  4. Overall cost savings
  5. Less cracking – Less warranty work
  6. Environmentally safe – a “Green Building Product”

Lime by comparison is caustic, corrosive, a known carcinogen,  not environmentally safe, low PSI, with more cracking to repair and paint “burn-out” problems to address.

What makes SynLime™ the only "Green" admixture in the industry?

First of all we must define “Green”. To be “Green” the product must be safe to the environment, safe for workers to use and with no long term health problems or conditions.
SynLime™ is:

  1. Biodegradable
  2. Non-caustic
  3. Non – corrosive
  4. Non – carcinogenic
  5. No Phenols
  6. No Nitrates
  7. No V.O.C.s

Take a step up to higher quality and safety; choose SynLime™, a true “Green” Building Product.

How is SynLime™ safer than lime for a cement admixture?

As was stated in #2 above – SynLime™ is:
1. Biodegradable,
2. Non-caustic
3. Non – corrosive
4. Non – carcinogenic
5. No Phenols
6. No Nitrates
7. No V.O.C.s
Because of these qualities SynLime™ is considered safe to use and qualifies as a “Green Building Product”.
Hydrated lime is not safe to use and cannot qualify as “Green”.

How can SynLime™ make your industry more profitable?

To be profitable one must sell his product for more than true cost, (including freight and overhead) OR he must find ways to lower his true costs below his selling price. With SynLime™ you will notice a substantial drop in freight & handling costs, less cracking equals less warranty costs, with no paint “burn out” problems, and your workers comp insurance may be lowered because of fewer claims.

How does SynLime™ strengthen PSI?

SynLime™ is a high-range super plasticizer.  What this means in lay-man’s terms is that SynLime™ requires less water to hydrate and emulsify the cement particles by up to 1/3 (33%) less water.  By using less water the board life and set times are shortened.
Remember, it takes only 3 gallons of water to hydrate 94 lbs. of Portland cement. Any water above 3 gallons is added to make mixing easier. (See example below). The less water you use the better. The consistency of toothpaste is about right. Now because of  using less water this denisfies the mix. This dense mix then has more strength (PSI), less cracking, less freeze/thaw cracking, more abrasion resistant, more water resistant (Not water proof) and a harder shell.
(Example: 94 lbs. cement (one bag), 3 gallons of water to hydrate and 1 1/2 to 2 gallons of water to make mixing easier.)

How does SynLime™ eliminate "paint burnout" on stucco surfaces?

Paint “burnout” is caused by using stucco products which have lime in the base coats and finish coats.
The lime leaches forward until it is behind the paint layer. Then the lime burns the paint from the backside leaving a dark area.
There is no paint “burnout” with Synlime™ because there is NO lime in SynLime™ to burn the paint.

How does SynLime™ virtually eliminate cracks in stucco?

One of the characteristics of high-range super plasticizers is that they require less water to hydrate the cement than regular plasticizers do.  Because of using less water the evaporation rate is increased. This then causes the micro sand particles, at or above #320 mesh, to fill in the micro voids in the cement mix – leaving it very dense. This dense mix has more strength (PSI), less cracking, more abrasion resistance and a harder shell.

How is SynLime™ more convenient to use?

50 bags of SynLime™ @ one pound each takes up one cubic foot (12” x 12” x12”) of shelf space.  This means huge savings in freight (both incoming & outbound), requires less shelf space both ready to sell out front & back-up shelves for replacements. Restock time is less.
Contractors can keep a box or several boxes in their truck for use on the job site, eliminating weather condition problems, and theft.

What is the ratio of SynLime™ to lime?

2 one pound bags of SynLime™ equal 1 (one) 50 pound bag of lime.

Why are manufacturers, distributors, contractors and all end-users raving about SynLime™?

For all of the reasons outlined above!

Now, more than ever, home builders are under a microscope. Profit margins are razor-thin and poor quality construction can spell disaster. Home builders have learned that in order to survive in this marketplace, warranty issues have to be kept to a minimum, and workmanship must be near perfect.

SynLime™ Admixtures address these core requirements and warranty issues by delivering a safer, cleaner, superior finished product for stucco, plaster, grout and mortar.

  • Dry Admixture
  • Less Warranty issues
  • Less crack repair issues
  • Less re-paints, no paint burn-out (due to efflorescence)
  • Longer lasting paint job, better paint coverage, better seal (bonds better)
  • Higher PSI levels
  • Increased bonding to foam
  • Green / Non-hazardous
  • Superior finished product

Ask any mason or stucco contractor what their biggest concerns are, and you’re certain to get one of two answers: the soaring cost of running a business and the harmful side effects of lime. Profit margins have been cut in half, and businesses are closing their doors every day. Right along with those concerns is the need to protect employees, both on and off the job site. The harmful effects of lime exposure are numerous and well documented.  SynLime’s™ patented Lime-Free™ admixtures help cut costs and eliminate the harmful effects of hydrated lime. Finally, a complete lime replacement!

  • Less expensive to use / More profitable
  • Complete lime replacement / Safer for employees
  • Quicker job completion / Finish all coats in 1 day (if desired)
  • Increased bonding to foam
  • 1# of SynLime™ replaces 25# of lime / More convenient to purchase and use
  • Better, cleaner, safer product
  • Stronger, harder finished product
  • Higher PSI
  • Better paint coverage
  • Less liability (no lime on job site) Lower workers compensation rates possible

For cold weather locations see Heat Authority and their line of heated cement curing and mortar warming blankets.  Keep crews working all winter long with CureMAX concrete curing blankets.

Ever wonder why lime is used in cementitious materials? Ask any mason, and he will tell you that lime makes the mix more workable. But just like any two-edged sword, lime’s workability properties also carry with them very harmful health risks including lime burns, respiratory disease, and severe eye damage. SynLime’s™ patented formula delivers a complete Lime-Free™ solution that is workable, safe, and delivers a superior finished product.

  • Makes a more workable mix
  • Sticky and fluffy
  • Higher PSI
  • Easier to mix, lightweight on trowel
  • Better coverage
  • None of the repercussions associated with lime (legal or health)
  • Safer to use – No lime burns, non-carcinogenic, no V.O.C.s
  • Increased bonding to foam

The race to supply greener, more environmentally friendly products is in full swing. Some of the largest pre-mix manufacturers will soon be using our patented formulas in their mix to provide a safer, cleaner, more reliable product for consumers. SynLime™ is the first and only 100% complete lime replacement for stucco, plaster, grout, mortar, block, pavers, and other cementitious products!

  • GREEN building material / Non-hazardous
  • More profitable to use
  • 100 % complete lime replacement
  • Removes need for additives like fly ash, clay, etc.
  • 1# SynLime™ replaces 25# of lime / More efficient to buy, mix, use, and store
  • Easily replaces traditional lime products/ mixes well
  • Does not effect color, dye, etc. (Works great with all oxide color mixtures)

Distributors are not interested in carrying a new product unless it is profitable. SynLime™ offers a unique patented formula that is both profitable and GREEN – offering contractors and construction professionals a new choice in meeting environmental safety requirements and balancing their bottom line. Distributors are lining up for the opportunity to offer the most talked about product to impact the cement industry in decades. SynLime™ – the first and only 100% complete lime replacement!

  • Less shelf space required
  • A GREEN building material
  • Better, safer, cheaper, cleaner – less waste
  • Greatly reduces shipping and warehouse costs
  • More profitable

With floor space going for a premium, no wonder retailers are looking for increased margins and new ways to squeeze every inch out of their shelf capacity. Knowing that 1 pound of SynLime™ replaces 25 pounds of hydrated lime, retail store owners are making room for this unique patented product. SynLime™ dry admixtures make dollars and sense.

  • Less shelf space required – less freight cost
  • A GREEN building material
  • Better, safer, cheaper, cleaner, less waste
  • More profitable
  • Contractors demand it

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Ask any sales team or rep group why they love SynLime™ and the answer is always the same…

OUR CUSTOMERS DEMAND IT!  It’s that simple.

Traditional Lime is Toxic and Dangerous.

Before you sink your hands into that bag of Lime, read up on it. You can do permanent damage if you use toxic, caustic substances like Type S Masons Lime. Only SYNLIME™ can help you avoid these problems and hazards: www.hse.gov.uk/skin – Work Related Cement Burns
www.wikipedia.com – Hazards of Lime on Skin
skin-care.health-cares.net – Treating Chemical (Lime) Burns
www.amamabird.com – One Workers Story / Cement Lime Burns
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov – See Real Cement Lime Burns (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)


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