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Lime Substitute for Mortar Mix

We build a lot of block fences and walls around our area and therefore mix a lot of mortar. Me and many of my workers were tired of mixing batches of mortar using lime and getting that itching irritating feeling on our skin. We decided to try one of the lime substitutes and after some looking around we settled on SynLime, mainly because it was easy, it only weighs one pound. Also, for us it’s a local company so if we had any problems we knew where to go. When we mixed up our batch of mortar we poured the pack of SynLime in instead of lime. I’ll tell you, its nice pouring a one pound pack in the mixer rather than hoisting a 50 pound bag. We were surprised how easy it mixed and how well it spread. It was great to work with. The package says it has a stronger PSI than lime. We will see…so far so good.  I’m happy to report no more itching, scratching, or lime burns.

James T.