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Is there a safe alternative to lime in mortar?

Until recently, finding a safe alternative to replace lime in stucco, plaster, grout, and mortar was a difficult proposition.  Type S lime has been a long time staple for those requiring their mix to remain fluffy and sticky.  Afterall, workability is a must.  But finally, there’s a safe alternative that won’t burn skin, irritate eyes, or get you all choked up.

SYNLIME™, from Admix International, is a safe 100% complete lime replacement.  A comparison to Type S Lime reveals some amazing differences:

SYNLIME™ is specifically formulated to produce high plasticity and excellent water retention.  The end result is a more workable mix with higher PSI levels that is clean, safe, and worker friendly.  Its increased bonding strength to foam and wire is also superior to lime.   Is there a safe alternative to lime in mortar?  The answer is a resounding yes… SYNLIME™.