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WOC – MIP Award Winners

SYNLIME™ cement concentrates take home best of show at this years World of Concrete & Masonry trade show held in Las Vegas, NV.

SYNLIME™  cement modifiers replace 100% of the lime used in stucco, plaster, grout, mortar, and other cementitious materials.  Demanded by thousands in the block, brick and tile trades.

1 LB (1 bag) of SYNLIME™ admixture replaces 25 LBS of hydrated lime & produces significantly higher PSI levels. This revolutionary Lime-Free™ Technology is recognized as a GREEN Building Material and is biodegradable, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic. SYNLIME™ patented formulas contain no hydrated lime, no nitrates, no phosphates, no phenols, and no VOCs.

The SYNLIME™ Difference:

  • Superior Workability
  • Stronger PSI
  • Reduced Cost
  • Safe Certified
  • Green Product
  • 1:25 Compact Formula