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Masonry Products

The #1 new masonry product to hit the market is by Admix International.  A 100% complete lime replacement for stucco, plaster, grout, mortar, pavers, bricks and other masonry products.  Synlime keeps the mix fluffy, sticky and very workable and is 100% worker safe.


Home Builders

Home builders have learned that in order to survive in this marketplace, warranty issues have to be kept to a minimum and workmanship must be spot-on.  Synlime admixtures address these core requirements by delivering a safer, cleaner, superior finished product for stucco, plaster, grout and mortar.

  • Less warranty issues
  • Fewer crack repairs
  • Increased bonding to foam
  • Green / Non-hazardous
  • Superior finished product


Ask any mason or stucco contractor what their biggest concerns are, and you’re certain to get one of two answers: the soaring cost of running a business and the harmful side effects of lime.  SynLime’s patented Lime-Free admixtures help cut costs and eliminate the harmful effects of hydrated lime. Finally, a complete lime replacement!

  • Less expensive / More profitable
  • Green product / Safe on workers
  • Better, cleaner, safer product
  • Stronger, harder finished product
  • Superior finished product

End-Users / Applicators

The workability of lime carry with it very harmful health risks including lime burns, respiratory disease, and severe eye damage.  SynLime’s patented formula delivers a complete Lime-Free solution that is workable, safe, and delivers a superior finished product.

  • Makes a more workable mix
  • Sticky, fluffy & higher PSI
  • Better coverage
  • Increased bonding to foam
  • Green / Non-hazardous

Pre-Mix Manufacturers

The race to supply greener, more environmentally friendly products is in full swing.  Some of the largest pre-mix manufacturers are using our patented formulas in their mix to provide a safer, cleaner, more reliable product for consumers.  SynLime is the first and only 100% complete lime replacement for stucco, plaster, grout, mortar, block, pavers, and other cementitious products!

  • GREEN building material / Non-hazardous
  • More profitable to use
  • 100 % complete lime replacement
  • Removes need for additives like fly ash, clay, etc.
  • 1 pound of SynLime replaces 25 pounds of lime


SynLime offers a unique patented formula that is both profitable and GREEN – offering contractors and construction professionals a new choice in meeting environmental safety requirements and balancing their bottom line.  Distributors are lining up for the opportunity to offer the most talked about product to impact the cement industry in decades.

  • Less shelf space required
  • A GREEN building material
  • Better, safer, cheaper, cleaner – less waste
  • Greatly reduces shipping and warehouse costs
  • More profitable

Retail Stores

With floor space going for a premium, no wonder retailers are looking for increased margins and new ways to squeeze every inch out of their shelf capacity.  Knowing that 1 pound of SynLime replaces 25 pounds of hydrated lime, retail store owners are making room for this unique patented product.

  • Less shelf space required – less freight cost
  • A GREEN building material
  • Better, safer, cheaper, cleaner, less waste
  • More profitable
  • Contractors demand it

Winter Curing of Masonry, Cement and Stucco

CureMAX, Powerblanket & HCC products provide a maintenance-free heating solution, which will eliminate the hassles of  cold weather. If an effective heating solution is applied during the curing process, concrete will cure faster and stronger. A successful concrete heating solution reduces downtime, saves time, and increases profits.  Safely Heat, Thaw and Cure concrete all winter long. Thaw frozen ground before you pour concrete.  Never place concrete on frozen ground.  Maintain optimum concrete temperature during the entire wet cure process.  Achieve maximum PSI levels in record time.  End result is a better, stronger more reliable product.  Keep crews working and concrete construction projects on schedule all winter long.  Heat Authority carry a wide selection of masonry and concrete winter curing products and can ship from 8 different warehouses in USA and Canada.  They can be reached @ (866) 805-4328.

Safely wet cure cement and other masonry products with electric heated construction blankets – HEAT AUTHORITY: www.HeatAuthority.com

Other masonry products: https://curemax.co/