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Lime-Free Cement by SynLime™

A new cement admixture has arrived that is putting the lime industry on it’s heels. SynLime™ is a cement modifier that completely removes the need for lime in cementitious materials. It’s a 100% complete lime replacement. Unlike the failed attempts of liquid additives or powdered lime reducers – SynLime™ is a COMPLETE lime replacement that also eliminates the need for other lime additives such as fly ash, clay & diatamaceous earth. SynLime™ won’t reduce workability. It makes the mix fluffy, sticky & very workable!

Removing lime and other toxic materials from stucco, grout, plaster, and mortar is making a huge impact on worker safety.  The risks associated with lime can now be put to rest.  Workers won’t need to tolerate skin burns, eye irritation, and respiratory problems common with lime.  SynLime™ admixtures have been engineered to eliminate the toxic effects associated with lime.

SynLime™ is a dry, powdered admixture that increases PSI and addresses the cracking issue with lime based stuccos & grouts.  Home builders and contractors now have a new best friend that is saving them time, money, and reducing warranty issues on the back end.

SynLime™ recently took Best of Show @ World of Concrete in Las Vegas, NV and received top honors from Construction International.