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Stucco Contractors Now Have a New Option

Stucco Contractors Now Have a New Option
by Drew Fuller – Stucco Industry News
December 30, 2010

Countless videos (like those posted here) and a multitude of “How-To” articles have been written over the years explaining the proper methods for applying stucco.  But what we in the stucco business really want to know is how to make our mix more workable and reduce cracking in the finished product.  Lime is a key ingredient in most stucco and mortar products that make the mix more workable.  Workability, after all, is what we’re all after.  If our mix isn’t fluffy, sticky, and workable… it’s useless.  Until recently, lime has been the only option available to keep workers happy and the mix workable.  But the side effects of lime are well documented – skin burns, eye irritation, respiratory problems, etc.  And prolonged exposure to lime can result in chronic health issues.  Add to this lime’s PSI issues related to cracking and efflorescence, and you start to get the big picture.  So why hasn’t someone developed a lime replacement?  You’ll be happy to know they have.

The engineers at Admix International have produced a patented dry admixture that completely replaces lime in stucco, plaster, grout, mortar, pavers, block, and other cement related products.  It’s called SynLime™.  1 pound of SynLime™ replaces 25 pounds of hydrated lime and completely removes the need for fly ash, clay, and other lime additives.  The end result is a more workable mix with higher PSI levels that is clean, safe, and worker friendly.  And its increased bonding strength to foam and wire is remarkable.  I recently mixed my first batch of stucco using SynLime™ and the results were everything they claimed; a more workable mix that doesn’t crack… and the board life was longer than expected.  The fact that their formula is non-toxic made working with it reassuring.

I decided to do a little homework on the company and found that Admix International, LLC has been around for several years. 35,000 bags of their flagship product “SynLime™” was recently sold in an Arizona Home Depot 9 store test market with excellent results.  Their Lime-Free™ Technology has also been used in Durawall stucco products over a period of years and has been applied to more than 40,000 homes in Arizona and Nevada by major industry contractors.  I also learned that SynLime’s™ patented properties can now be used in bagged and pre-mix manufacturing to completely replace lime and other harmful additives in cement products.  Calling their corporate offices, I discovered that licensing agreements are also an option for manufacture’s desiring to use SynLime™ in their Mega-Mix or bagging operations.  SynLime™ can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at www.synlime.com or from one of the many distributors listed on their website. With so much going for it, I’ll be keeping an eye on SynLime™ to make a significant impact in the construction market in 2011.