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The First and Only COMPLETE Lime Replacement!

Dry / Powdered / Lime-Free™ Admixtures

SYNLIME™ cement concentrates are patented Lime-Free™ powdered admixtures to be mixed with Portland Cement. These cement modifiers replace 100% of the lime used in stucco, plaster, grout, mortar, and other cementitious materials.

1 LB (1 bag) of SYNLIME™ admixture replaces 25 LBS of hydrated lime & produces significantly higher PSI levels. This revolutionary Lime-Free™ Technology is recognized as a GREEN Building Material and is biodegradable, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic. SYNLIME™ patented formulas contain no hydrated lime, no nitrates, no phosphates, no phenols, and no VOCs.

The SYNLIME™ Difference:

  • Superior Workability
  • Stronger PSI
  • Reduced Cost
  • Safe Certified
  • Green Product
  • 1:25 Compact Formula

Construction International – 2013 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR

April 22nd, 2013  – SYNLIME™ Admixtures are taking the construction industry by storm… literally.  Since being introduced to the world over a decade ago, SYNLIME™ has consistently won top honors from experts and trade shows worldwide, for their innovative products that eliminate the need for lime, fly ash and other harmful / toxic additives.  SYNLIME™ – The First and Only COMPLETE Lime Replacement!


Did You Know?

With SynLime™ you get superior workability, reduced cost, and a better finished product
1 pound of SynLime's™ compact formula replaces 25 pounds of hydrated Lime
SynLime™ is formulated to eliminate skin burns, eye irritation, and respiratory problems
SynLime™ is a dry, powdered admixture & replaces lime in stucco, plaster, grout, & mortar
SynLime™ is a GREEN certified building material!
SynLime™ meets ASTM specifications for C1328-05 & C1329-05
SynLime™ is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and worker safe
SynLime™ is the first and only 100% COMPLETE lime replacement!
Lime requires fly ash, clay, and other additives to make it workable.  SynLime™ does not!
SynLime's™ patented formula eliminates the need for lime and other toxic additives
SynLime™ is a better, safer, cleaner, stronger alternative to lime
Lime based mortars replaced with SynLime™ have significantly higher PSI levels

Resolves the cracking issue. SYNLIME™ Technology specifically addresses the problematic issues surrounding hydrated lime (e.g. cracking & chipping).

SYNLIME™ patented technology was engineered Green to eliminate the toxic effects of lime and to remove the need for fly ash, clay, calcium oxide, and other harmful additives in your mix.

SYNLIME™ admixtures meet or exceed ASTM specifications for C1328-05 & C1329-05.  With SynLime™ you always get a stronger finished product at a lower cost.

ASTM C1328-05
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ASTM C1329-05
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Getting rid of lime from our jobsite has been the best thing that has ever happened to this company. SynLime is truly a complete lime repalcement. It’s Green, It’s Clean, and It Works!
Gilbert, AZ
Our applicators love using SynLime. No more paint burn-out, no more skin burns, and better bonding to foam & wire. 
GB, Wisconcin
SYNLIME makes our cement fluffy, sticky, and workable. It’s worker/user friendly and doesn’t cause chemical burns to our skin, lungs or sinuses. We LOVE it!
El Paso, TX

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